Sunday, May 1, 2011

Have you seen my holo?

Hi girls!

I hate sundays... especially when the weather is as 'gorgeous' as it is today - it's been raining since last night :-( So, to cheer myself up, I polished my nails ;-). Today it was turn for this beauty - 'holografic shine 414' from eveline cosmetics. But I'll have to disappoint you, the pictures aren't so great :-(

The color is more accurate on the first and second pictures, but no sight of holo, so I used a lamp light for third and forth pictures... but the holo is still hardly visible. Too bad, because in real life, although it's raining and the day is gray, you can still see some holo.
How about yours sunday, hope it's better than mine!?
Till we meet again, love yourself...


  1. Making holo visible on camera is very difficult and you need a whole bunch of lamps and other photo gadgets to make it visible.

  2. i know dear... i'm sorry because you can't see the beauty of this polish :-)

  3. Svidja mi se,u biti volim sve lakice s holo efektom:)I kod mene vec dva dana kisa pljusti,a raspolozenje na nivou...bas kao i vrijeme:(

  4. Baš mi je lijep...Ja nisam našla kod nas niti jedan holo od eveline,samo pastelne boje :((

  5. ovo me podjeca na catriceov ljubicasti sa sljokama koje bas i nisu holo

  6. I have troubles getting the holos on camera too =( but this is such a lovely purple!

  7. Mimi... jutros kod mene sunce, NAPOKON!!!

    Nina... pogledat ću ti ja ima li još koji, može!?

    Lendoxia... ovaj je, ali je slab, nije u rangu china glaze ili nekih jačih brandova

    Silence is Loud... yes, the color is nice - holo or not :-D

  8. Lovely holo polish!
    I like purple, I have something like that of nubar and catrice :-)

  9. Shirley... i like purple too :-D


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