Tuesday, December 21, 2010


7 questions,7 answers,7 blogs 

Few days ago Mimi left me with these questions to answer so here we go:

7 things I have to do before I die:
- see that my son has a good life
- swim with dolphins
- build a house of my dreams
- have a steady job
- visit the USA
- have my own boat
- take a trip around the globe

7 things I say all the time
- Hi!
- Do not kidding me!
- Man!
- Cute!
- I love it!
- my Dino...
- love

7 things I am good at
- listening
- eating sweets
- being lazy :-p
- being a friend
- baking cookies
- polishing my nails :-)
- not messing in others people's life

7 flaws
- lazy
- impatient
- stubborn
- do things my way and no other way
- exagerate
- not strict as mom at all
- grumpy :-/

7 qualities 
- honest
- caring
- dreamer
- funny :-p
- polite
- optimist
- good with people

7 blogs /bloggers/ to answer the same
Rachel Marie
Varnish Vixen

It was fun writing this,hope you'll enjoy it to :-) Thanks Mimi!
Untill the next polishing, enjoy yourself...

p.s. nema prijevoda na hrvatski...snađite se :-)
Za utjehu...prigodna sličica


  1. vidim, još je netko za slatko zagrijan kao i ja :-)

  2. Imamo dosta slicnosti vidim:)

  3. Maybe... pst,nemoj da te netko čuje :-)

    Mimi...jel da,rekla sam sama sebi,valjda ne bude ispalo da sam prepisivala pa dobijem lošu ocjenu lol


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