Monday, April 30, 2012

Catrice news

Hi my friends!

I'm a little late with this post, but I know you'll forgive me  
It's time for news from Catrice, Essence's big sister! Here are the new thingies that you can find in your local Kozmo store. 
Malo kasnim s ovim postom, ali ne sumnjam da ćete mi oprostiti 
Na redu su novosti iz Catrice, Essenceove velike sestre! Evo nam novih stvarčica koje nas već čekaju u najbližoj Kozmo drogeriji.

Absolute Eye Colour Mono eyeshadow, 8 new shades, MPC 21,90
450 oh, it's tofeeful!

460 john lemon

470 golden evergreen

480 kiwi wonder

490 vanessa's paradise

500 hip hop on the tree top

510 in love with hulk 

520 bonnie&cloud

New Intensif'eye Wet & Dry eyeshadow, MPC 34,90
010 black or white swan

020 charly's chocolate factory

030 vanilla sky ride

040 have you see alice

050 lunch at tiffany's

060 brooke's blue lagoon
Absolute Eye Colour eyeshadow Quattro, 2 new shades, MPC 37,90
050 twinkle in the eye 

060 rumble in the jungle
Smokey Eyes set eyeshadow,2 new color combo, MPC 34,90
040 billy jeans

050 love, peas & harmony
New Smokey Eyes Brush, MPC 24,90
New Volume Plus + Length mascara, MPC 31,90
New Volume Plus + Curl mascara, MPC 31,90
 New Volume Plus + Waterproof mascara, MPC 31,90
 New The Giant - Extreme Volume mascara, MPC 34,90
Eye Liner Pen, 3 new colours, MPC 22,90
040 black grey
050 black blue
060 black green
 New Made To Stay Highlighter Pen, MPC 34,90
010 eye like
Lip Appeal - Moisture & Shine Lip Gloss, 3 new shimmery shades, MPC 28,90
130 neil's arms are strong

140 juri is GAGArin

150 candyfornication
Colour Show - Colour & Stay Lip Gloss, 2 new colours, MPC 28,90
130 flirty fuchsia

140 peach boy

Ultimate Shine Lipstick, 5 new colours, MPC 33,90
190 gentle nude is back
200 get the nudest paper!
210 kiss kiss hibiskiss
220 mrs brightside
230 the world's grapest

Ultimate Colour Lipstick, 3 new shades, MPC 33,90
190 the nuder the better 

200 more is more

210 pinkadilly circus

New Prime And Fine Translucent Powder, MPC 48,90
Defining Duo Blush, one new colour combo, MPC 28,90
050 apricot smoothie
And finally... Ultimate Nail Lacquer, 18 new shades of our favorite polishes, MPC 19,90 
240 sold out for ever/new shade

280 london's weather forecast /it's back!!!

350 hip queens wear blue jeans/it's back!!!

690 fred said red 
700 birdie reloaded!

710 dulce & havanna

720 bruno brownani

740 king of greens/WOW

770 put lavender on agenda

780 welcome to rosywood

790 the pinky and the brain

800 heavy metallilac

810 acid/dc
820 pimp my shrimp 

830 salmon & garfunkel

840 genius in the bottle

850 aretha's r-e-s-p-i-n-k 

860 browno mars
Ultimate Nudes Nail Lacquer, 3 new shades, MPC 19,90 
070 same seine but different

080 sing: oh,  champs-elysees

090 karl says tres chic
That's it girls! I'm sure if you stumble upon Catrice's display in your drugstore, you'll find even more interesting products. 
To vam je to, cure moje! Sigurna sam da ako naletite na Catrice police u svojoj drogeriji, naći ćete čak i više interesantnih proizvoda. 

Till we meet again... love, Žana


  1. Blago vama! Zavidim. :P :D Divnih stvarcica ima. :'] A lakovi.... <3

    1. nemoj plakat, doći ćeš i ti do njih nekako :-D

  2. I would like to try the Ulti mate nuded.

  3. I just came back from Germany with my very first Catrice colors, some of them are these - and oh a LOT of other colors and brands too, went totally overboard LOL

    1. hope you left something for the other girls ;-D
      i'm glad you finally get your hands on it :-D

  4. vec kupih picadilly circus i kiss kiss hibiskiss koji je valjda pola zena pokupovalo, ali su prekrasne nijanse

    1. obično neke nijanse idu bolje nego druge... čekam swatcheve ali na prvu mi ide kings of green, genius in a bottle i browno mars :-D

  5. uh ovaj zeleni..... ova boje limestone boja :P


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