Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smart girls get more

Hi my friends!

Today I'm wearing 'Smart girls get more' nail polish, shade 94... it applied just well, two coats enough but drying time was a problem, even with a speed dry top coat... but I love the color .  
Just an ordinary wine... or brownish shade... but look what happens on the sun, gorgeous shimmer comes to rescue .  
Please, don't look at my cuticles, I break my glasses yesterday, I'm sad... mad... and blind as a bat . Few years ago I notice some problems with my vision... you know what cause it?  My bloody thyroid... so girls, be aware of your body. Now, even with my glasses on, I have only 80 % of vision ... but it's ok, as long as I can paint my nails and read without glasses .   

Watch out yourself, no one else can't do that for you! 

Love ya, Žana

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't run Forest, I have lovely roses for you!

Hi my friends!

I manage to get my hands on new version of Catrice's polish 'Run Forest Run!', it's lovely green cream, I applied two coats with its perfect brush... but this morning my beloved postman brought me something to play with it, new shipment of water decals . So, I gave some of them to Forest, hoping he won't run away so fast 

First two pictures were taken on the sun, the last one in the shadow. 
I'm sure Forest likes the roses I've choose for him, how about you?

Till we meet again, love yourself and respect everyone else!

p.s. yes, I broke some of my bloody nails  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Party girl

Hi my friends!

I love Deborah Lippmann polishes, but not liking the price of it. As soon as I saw 'forget you', i wanted it for myself... so I had to franken it!   
Like it or not, tonight you're gonna see my newest franken, 'party girl'.

This are just two coats, with top coat... but clumsy as I am, I manage to screw up the polish on a ring finger... don't hate me for that. For this franken I used Essence 'fatal', 'circus confetti' and some transparent nail polish. I'm pretty pleased with it, i love the way it looks on nails... but you know me, I'm sucker for blacks, especially if there's glitter or shimmer in it
What do you think about it? 

Till we meet again, love yourself and respect everyone else!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sold out for ever!

Hi my friends!

Just a quick one, before I throw myself in another aspect of my crazy life (which doesn't need to be bad). Today I'm wearing this mani:
I used Catrice 'Sold Out For Ever' as base color, Pastel 74 for stamping, and one of the designs from Dashica's big plate SdP-I
I need to show you how the base color looks on its own, because it's really lovely pastel green with shimmer.
Great color, doesn't it?

Till we meet again, love yourself and respect everyone else!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello holo

Hi my friends!

I had a job interview (again) so I needed to behave and wear 'office friendly polish', so I choose S-he 500, lovely cream brown color which you can see here.  But soon as I came home I spiced this mani a bit... with Essence 'Hello holo' top coat, and I'm in love with this one. First picture taken in the shade.
 This is how it looks in the sun...
I was so frustrated because I couldn't capture the beauty of this combo, holo effect was pretty shy in this photo session... but at night, when the lights were on... explosion! But still hard to capture  

What say you about this combo, like it or not? Which kind of colors you wear at work?

Till we meet again, love yourself and respect everyone else!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Hi my friends!

Today I have a real treat for you.
This is Kleancolor 'red-hot', multidimensional red glitter, one coat over Essence 'berlin story' (plain black polish)... in the sun.

 Next few pictures in the shade...

I really think that these pictures don't need any additional explanation. It looks great, it's my kind of polish, I love it... but to tell you the true, I like the blue version better... don't ask me why.

What do you think, which would you rather wear? 
Should I continue with more black awesomeness? 

Till we meet again, love yourself and respect everyone else!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Hi my friends!

In a lack of time, this will be a short post, but I'm sure you don't mind 

Essence 'crack me! white' over Joy 45. 

Joy 45 on its own... lovely color with shimmer
Color club 'worth the risque' with Cherimoya 'extraterrestrial' which is great color but doesn't crack so great   

That's all folks! Which combo you prefer?

Till we meet again, love yourself and respect everyone else!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Can't cheat on me

Hi my friends!

This is Essence's 'can't cheat on me', 3 coats. First picture taken in the shadow, the rest of them on the sun. Subtle holo, but so nice and elegant. No funky business, I'm ready for a job interview .

Till we meet again, love yourself and respect everyone else!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rock star... second chance

Hi my friends!

Prvi put kad sam nosila ovaj lak nisam dobila ono što sam očekivala... nije promijenio boju na suncu... pa sam odlučila pružiti mu drugu šansu. I drago mi je da jesam . To je Del Sol 'Rock Star' lakić, prekrasna plava boja sa sitnim glitterom.  
The first time I wear this polish I didn't get what I expected... it didn't change the color on the sun... so I decided to give it a second chance. And I'm glad because of it. It's Del Sol nail polish 'Rock Star', lovely blue color with tiny glitters.  
u hladu...in shade...
i na suncu... on the sun...
Jedva da se vidi promjena boje, i s te strane, bio je razočaranje. Druga stvar koja me smeta je činjenica da trebate barem četiri sloja a on je ipak još proziran. Ali, volim ga zato jer se super brzo suši, četiri sloja bez brzosušećeg nadlaka bila su suha brže nego što bi neki lakovi u dva sloja. A to mu je veeeeeeliki plus. A ni boja uopće nije loša. Onda sam krenula u istraživanje problema s mjenjanjem boje... evo i mog ekperimenta.  
You can hardly see change of color, and from that point of view, It was disappointing. Another thing that bothers me it's the fact that this polish needs four coats and it's still a bit sheer. But, I love it because it dries super fast, four coats with no top coat were dried before some nail polishes with two coats. That's super big plus in my book. And color itself it's not bad at all.  I tried to investigate what's the problem with this polish... and this is my experiment. 
Prva fotka u sjeni, druga na suncu. Brojevi ispod označavaju broj slojeva laka. Vidite, nema problema s mjenjanjem boje kad je lak nanešen u jednom ili dva sloja, ali tri sloja i preko, jednostavno je previše. Dakle, lak ipak radi ono što bi trebao ali ne baš onako kako bih ja to željela. Na kraju sam dodala i mali uzrorak, s Born preatty pločice M71.
First picture in the shade, second in the sun. The numbers bellow polish are the numbers of coats. See, no problems with coat or two, but three coat and up it can't change the color, it's just too much. So, the polish works but not the way that would make me happy. For the end, I added some stamping from Born preatty image plate M71
Uzorak je slabo vidljiv zbog glittera, ali meni se isto sviđa. 
I sestra mi je bila u posjeti pa smo se malo zaigrale s lakovima... zaželjela je baš ovakvu manikuru. 
The stamping is hardly visible because of the glitter, but I like it anyway.
My sister was here, we enjoy ourself with polishes... she wanted mani just like this. 
Mrzim je, pogledajte samo njene nokte - prirodni i tako dugi , ali ja imam puno više lakova od nje
Koja se vama manikura više sviđa?   
I hate her, look at her nails, natural and so long . But, I have much more polishes than her 
Which mani do you prefer?

Till we meet again, love yourself and respect everyone else!

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